Fighting Over Exceeding Temperatures On Your Computer

Over heating of computers is not a new problem. It had existed since the beginning of the era of computers; then it was almost impossible to fight such an issue. But things have changed since, with the development of technology and knowledge of physics, it’s possible to eliminate such a problem completely. Since last few years computer parts producers, such as Intel, Asus, and others have taken temperature problems very seriously. A standard CPU today can stand and work completely fine even under a high temperature of about 80 Celcius.
I am sure most of you would have noticed when you get a new computer. Usually, you don’t have such a problem it develops with time. This is due to many factors mainly being.

List of Issues

  1. Not proper working of old cooling components
  2. Collection of dust
  3. Unsuitable environment/cooling components setup

How To Fix Old Cooling Components?

Computer CPU FanOld computer cooling components can be a problem. These components include computer case fans and CPU cooler. There are two versions of these components. In a standard PC, usually dry air fans are used, but new generation coolers don’t work this way. They are called liquid coolers. These are very capable of keeping the computer cool. There are thin tubes which carry cooling water brought out the computer, touching most principal components.
Liquid setup is very effective, but its installation and maintenance are costly. Getting back to case fans, these are one of the most important components in one’s PC. There is the limitless variety of these fans available, but it’s hard to find best for a PC since it’s very variable and best depends on situations. Our friend at has written an excellent guide about best 120mm case fans; You can refer it for more info on this.

Why the deal with collection of dust?

Firstly “collection of dust.” There is not much you can do about it, but you sure can clean your computer once in a while. You don’t need expensive equipment for this but will sure need some knowledge to disassemble and assemble equipment correctly. You can also outsource this if you have trouble with this process.

With time a few components can start to rust and perform badly. In these cases, there is no option but to replace them completely and this time you can make sure you buy the correct ones.

What is meant by unsuitable cooling environment?

The unsuitable environment for proper cooling refers to the improper placement of your computer case. I have seen a few people install their computer case under a desk where there is no place for case fans to suck in any air. This is not it; I knew someone who always complained about overheating of their computer but when I thought to have a look at his PC. He had it installed in a closed cupboard with a few holes. This might not sound like a terrible idea, but the truth is; in such a case the hot air will keep circulating again and again, and in just a few minutes there will be no fresh air to flow, and this will end many high temperatures on your computer. It’s not just about high temperatures causing your computer to act slow; this can also lead to damaging of hardware which can contain important documents or can cost a lot to replace.


  1. Firstly, Make sure your computer is not trapped in a closed chamber where there is hardly any air exchange. This is very important, Ever if you are confident it’s getting enough air to flow through, You should still check.
  2. Clean your computer regularly. I am personally very serious about such; I clean my computer at least once a week. You don’t need to do this very week, but it’s just a good practice. You can simply blow out air every week and do a proper cleaning.
  3. Replace your old/defective components today. Don’t let them ruin your expensive computer hardware. This can include computer fans, case fans, old mother board and even your power supply unit. If you have any trouble deciding whether you should buy a new component or not. You can comment below; I’ll try my best to help you make the best decision.

With this, we have almost reached end of this article. I hope you learned something today. If you have any questions, you can either let us know using the comment section or just contact CaseFansGuru. For more information about Intel CPU you can refer here.

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