Building Faster in Fortnite Using Myth’s Keybinds and Mice

I am sure you already know of Myth, He plays for TSM (eSports team) and one of the most popular Fortnite player. Most professional players are known to build very fast in Fortnite. A big part of this skill comes from practice but using right controls can also help you a lot.

The default Fortnite controls are not optimized for high-level play, Thought they are comfortable to get started, but they can become limiting as you advance. Players like Ninja and Myth use specific controls and settings which lets them switch between controls very easily.

After you have copied keybinds and settings of any professional player, It’s time to move on to more important stuff.

To configure your settings right, You will also need to use the same hardware that the particular player is using. E.g., Ninja uses Logitech G502, Which lets him set custom buttons for switching between items and weapons.

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After you have the good hardware and controllers, It’s all about practice. Watching streamers is a good way to learn, You can learn from their play-style, How they act in a certain situation.

Does better Aim help you build faster?

how to aim with mouse in fortniteAnother factor people miss when it comes to building in Fortnite is the need of better aim. People don’t relate the building to Aiming, but actually, it’s a significant part of it.

Just building fast is not enough
In a game like Fortnite, Making right building decisions will win you a fight 90% of the times, It’s all about outsmarting the opponent. If you have been playing Fortnite for some time, You would know how annoying it is to die by falling from high ground and having your teammate miles away and unavailable to help you.

When I got started with Fortnite, it lost me most of my battles. I decided to learn, The first thing I did was observe how professional players Build, Everyone has a different playstyle and building style, It is not always the best to copy how a professional plays. Developing your way of playing it the best way to learn and it comes with time, You cannot expect you learn it by just watching someone.

One thing that you can learn watching streamers like Ninja is how they build walls, In what structure and then try to analyze if it gives an advantage or does the way have a problem. If you find it to be the best way, You are all good to copy and use it as your own and get those #1 Victory!

This is the end of this Guide, Let me know if you liked it by commenting below. Would you like to add something to this? Feel free to send your suggestions to me.

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